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We perform quality-assured programming work based on your criteria at the most reasonable rate in the area.

  • Do not waste your money on an overstaffed, outsourced consultancy. Foreign workers may do it cheaper, but it will never be quite right.
  • Do not waste your money on an expert from up north. You will only pay expert prices and be left with a program in which many variables may be assumed for your business.
  • Your nephew? Don't do it. Unless he is going for an engineering degree, he should be discouraged from this line of work.
  • as soon as possible.

You don't need any of the above. We are the ultimate in efficiency and do it all.

We will never sell you programming that you don't need.
Just before the dotcom bust, many companies spent money on custom systems that have long since been turned off. Those companies failed not only because they spent a disproportiate amount of money on IT, but because the automation was performed as a diversion (delusion?) from overarching business problems.
We know its a big decision to spend money on information technology enhancements. It is at least as big as a marketting or accounting decision for your business. And within IT, we see a greater return on investment in user training than in more and more automation. More tasks in your office can be done by fewer employees as the average level of computer literacy goes up and they are given the proper tools and training.

Our senior programmer has twenty years experience programming for personal computers(PCs) and nine years experience programming for the internet.

We are the old hand. You should take advantage of our experience.


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