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eCommerce Modules

We offer several products to eCommerce-enable your business. These software modules can be plugged into any existing web site, architecture, and hardware. These pieces are the solution for those situations in which manual order processing is not feasible, some degree of automation is required, or a site is experiencing high traffic volume.


eCommerce Credit Card Integration Module

This piece of software combines an electronic shopping cart with inline credit card billing to give your users a seamless online purchasing experience. Billing transactions happen synchronously, and we let users know at checkout time if their purchase is approved before anything else happens. This software uses encryption to keep your user's information private.

Shopping Cart Screen ShotThis screen shows the web visitor's view of their shopping cart. The cart has all the functions you are already familiar with in an online shopping context, but there are several extensibility features that distinguish ours from the others:

  • Its design scheme is adapted to be consistent with the rest of your site.
  • Only fields relevant to your business are defined.
  • The cart form can be sized down and placed on any part of the catalog screens.
  • It can easily scale up to meet the needs of wholesale use.

    eCommerce Inventory Control Panel

    This module lets you manage your business's inventory via a web interface. This piece can be linked behind the scenes with the eCommerce Credit Card Integration Module to automatically adjust your stock quantities with each purchase. Notifications are sent from this module to your inventory managers when stock is running low.

    Inventory Screen ShotThis form is the inventory manager's view. Items can be created, requisitioned, sold, or expired. All fields are keyed for rapid data entry. As with all our eCommerce Modules, extensibility is the key to deployment:

  • Only fields and inventory items relevant to your business are defined.
  • Fields can be created according to your specification, for example, square footage or bulk volume calculations.
  • This form can be embedded as part of higher level administrator consoles.
  • NOTE: Images are for functional preview only. Actual "look and feel" reflects the client's brand or online presence.


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