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Small businesses face an uphill battle against national chains and bigger players within their market. As a small business ourselves, we are keenly aware of the efficiency hurdles you face. We are dedicated to giving your small and growing business every electronic, administrative advantage in the competition against larger businesses. Our products leverage the power of the processor and electronic storage to deliver those advantages.

Our products range from turn-key systems to installable software. In all cases, the product is constructed to perform the grunt work for your company, providing automation for many repetitive or difficult business tasks. This frees your employee's time for tasks that are more random. Our products perform faster, cheaper, and more consistently than any employee, but by no means is our software meant to replace people. It simply lets the same people handle more tasks. Efficiency is what you gain.

We are not an application service provider, yet our prices are comparable to one. This is because all software is constructed from our modular code libraries to satisfy your business's requirements. This modular approach lets us construct quality software that meets your needs.

"[Software] Construction is commonly known as 'implementation'. Other names for it are 'coding and debugging' and 'programming'. Coding isn't really the best word because it implies the mechanical translation of a preexisting design into a computer language; construction is not at all mechanical and involves substantial creativity and judgment." Code Complete by Steve McConnell, p. 2

Try this Google search for the Code Complete methodology. If you only even peek at a few of the results, you will see how valuable this practice is.

We have been constructing tools to help our customers in the Ocean County, NJ area achieve their business goals for over eight years. Whether you are trying to grow your business or make your operations to run more efficiently, we provide the software that makes it possible, quickly and affordably.


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